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Ginger and Larry Katz Welcome You to Our Blog About Teen Drug Prevention!

Here is a overview of what our teen drug prevention blog will have to offer. There will be a variation of different ideas, tips, and stories, all pertaining to youth substance use and drug prevention education. My goal is to use this new outlet to connect to youth, parents, teachers and our other supporters.

Ginger and Larry Katz of the Courage to Speak Foundation
Photo by: Christian Abraham of the Connecticut Post

What is there to look forward to on this teen drug prevention blog?

  • Real life stories dealing with alcohol and drug abuse struggles and prevention. These stories are to show you that addiction is a disease and that nobody out there is alone. They will be personal and based off of parents or children who have had to struggle with addiction.
  • Tackling important issues that deal with educating your children about drug abuse prevention. We will include advice on how to keep your children safe from drugs.
  • We will be keeping you up-to-date with past, present, and future teen drug use prevention presentations. It will include photos from the Presentations and will display feedback from students and parents about their experience.
  • Statistics that many people may not think much about relating to alcohol and other drugs and risky behaviors.
  • Information about our new online training for new facilitators to become credentialed to teach Courage to Speak – Courageous Parenting 101® to parents in their communities.
  • Recognizing sponsors and partners working with our Foundation. Many foundations and companies make wonderful contributions to us, and we would love to repay them!

We will also be posting about upcoming events and plans that will be happening in the future. Check in for new and exciting news, stories, facts and tips about teen drug prevention and more!

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